• Peak Footstool

    1,499.00 €

    Peak Footstool is designed to match Peak Lounge Chair, but might also be used as a standalone sculptural stool. Dimensions: H. 44 cm. W. 63 cm. L. 42 cm. Basic model is white, but available in other colors on request. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

  • One Balance Desk

    6,999.00 €

    With its challenging and floating design One Balance Desk is a balance act between stability and elasticity. The desk is slightly elastic both sidewards and up/down, but at the same time stable enough that you can jump on top of it without anything happening. Due to this balancing act and the fact that the desk only…

  • Qvist Daybed

    7,985.00 €

    Inspired by the line construction used on the daybed by the Danish furniture designer Helge Vestergaard Jensen in 1955, Peter Qvist has designed this daybed as a modern interpretation. The daybed has a light and dynamic expression, and because of the transparent line construction the skeleton-like framework appears visible from above. Qvist Daybed consists of…