• Hippokamp Lounge Chair & Footstool

    From: 4,430.00 

    For Peter Qvist, Hippokamp Lounge Chair is the manifestation of what really drives him, namely, creating new innovative and harmonious furniture pieces. Hippokamp is a tribute to furniture making as an art discipline, a lounge chair’s answer to a symphony orchestrated by Peter Qvist. Engineering meets poetry in all its simplicity, and with its almost…

  • Cord Stool


    In fact, Peter Qvist was determined to design a new and forceful stool with a somehow vigorous expression. But after a whole bunch of sketches, there was a simple sketch that turned out to get the further attention due to the very simple construction. The process of this stool confirms a prevalent view that one…

  • Peak Lounge Chair (Armrest)

    From: 3,495.00 

    Peak Lounge Chair was the very first chair by Peter Qvist and somehow represents the starting momentum for Peter’s approach creating furniture pieces. Peak Lounge Chair has a powerful design expression in fine symbiosis with soft shapes. The structure of the chair might appear complex, but the overall look is stylish and streamlined. The chair…