• One Balance Desk

    With its challenging and floating design One Balance Desk is a balance act between stability and elasticity. The desk is slightly elastic both sidewards and up/down, but at the same time stable enough that you can jump on top of it without anything happening. Due to this balancing act and the fact that the desk only…

  • Kung Fu


    Based on simplicity and a self-assembly construction in mind KUNG FU & GUNG FU dining tables were born. KUNG FU dining table is designed from a simple symmetrical "bridge-design" principle and appears with a sculptural and light design expression with a convex top. KUNG FU dining table is made of laminated birch veneer individually oiled…

  • En Garde


    The attitude of this sculptural coat stand reminds of the starting position of a fencer, hence the name En Garde. The asymmetric design provides an ever-changing experience all the way around and creates an encouraging atmosphere in the room. With its artistic shape En Garde attracts attention and beauty in the eye of the beholder.…