Qvist Dining Chair (Armrest)

For many years Peter Qvist struggled to find, for him, a satisfying design idea for a dining chair. A dining chair must simply be functional, and the external dimensions must be limited due to the chair does not fill up unnecessarily etc. Not exactly a dream scenario for Peter with these limitations set from the start. Nevertheless, Peter succeeded to create a truly exciting and practical dining chair, where transparency and a light construction simply merge into a whole.

A special feature on Qvist Dining Chair, and in general a not often seen feature on any dining chairs, is that you can adjust the backrest in the position preferred towards the best possible sitting comfort at given time. One thing that Peter Qvist has learned over time is that people have different views about seating comfort from chair to chair, depending of course on our different bodies. We also individually sit varied on a chair over time. With this setting option Peter hopes to be able to satisfy as many users as possible.

The chair consists of laminated birch veneer individually oiled and waxed. The laminate-type is the high-quality nano-treated FENIX NTM, which is very matt and features a very pleasant silky touch.

Basic model is black, but available in other colors on request.

Cushion for Seat made of aniline leather or fabric can be ordered as a supplement.

Dimensions: H. 93 cm. W. 61 cm. L. 58 cm.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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