Cord Lounge Chair (Armrest)

During the design development of Qvist Dining Chair, Peter Qvist realized the potential of copying the design principle towards a lounge chair version. Then all of a sudden a kind of running partnership occurred between the dining chair and the lounge chair. A fairly new design approach, which usually meant that one correction somewhere should be remembered on the other version and vice versa. Nevertheless, the pleasure was also almost twice as great as both chair designs got completed.

The backrest adjustment feature on the lounge chair is made up with a larger span, so you can sit in a rather upright position to a lie back position,- like a recliner chair.

The chair consists of laminated birch veneer individually oiled and waxed. The laminate-type is the high-quality nano-treated FENIX NTM, which is very matt and features a very pleasant silky touch.

Basic model is black, but available in other colors on request.

Cushion for Seat made of aniline leather or fabric can be ordered as a supplement.

Dimensions: H. 84 cm. W. 70 cm. L. 73 cm.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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